There are many ways you can be involved and help the Samford Support Network continue to provide a valuable service to our community.

  • Join us by becoming a volunteer.  See details under More Info >  How do I become a volunteer?.
  • Become a sponsor. Contact us at or on 0470 214 916 for more details.
  • Spread the word by tagging us on Facebook (Samford Support Network) ​and liking our posts, as well as word of mouth, particularly to anyone you identify as being in need of help.
  • Come along to our events publicised on our Events page or on Facebook (Samford Support Network).
  • Keep a look-out on our Facebook page for specific donation requests and requests for community assistance from time to time.
  • Pick up a Drakes Supermarket Community Dollar key fob and use it every time you shop – SSN get 1 cent for every dollar you spend.